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Top 8 Presentation Websites Will Help You Improve Your Slides

Top 8 Presentation Websites Will Help You Improve Your Slides

Each of us at least once in our life faced the task of making a presentation. It is a powerful tool to reinforce a point, visualize information, and convey it to an audience. A structured, concise, and attractive presentation will not only help make a great first impression on the audience but will also allow you to feel more confident during your speech. If you are not a big fan of a powerpoint presentation website, we will share a selection of 8 top websites that will help you master the art of creating visual content without going crazy.

Are only websites your helpmates?

The answer is “no”. To create a fantastic and appealing presentation you can use not only websites but various apps on your phone or computer. It is way simpler if you are a Mac user. There are multiple installed tools for making a slideshow on Mac. Knowing how to make a slideshow on Mac you can use Squash or CameraBag Pro first to process your images for slides. After that, you can utilize Preview or Photos to create photo slideshow Mac friendly. But probably the best way to make a slideshow on Mac is with the help of the Keynote app. It is a powerful presentation and slideshow maker. It helps design content with fun animations, unusual transitions, and professional design.


This site for creating presentations is perfect for those who want a quick and high-quality result. The resource has a great library of images, charts, graphs, and layouts that can be easily customized. It is an online repository, thanks to which you can create and distribute slides all over the world. There is also a special application for phones or computers. The basic package is free, but quite limited in features.


The service provides hundreds of free design layouts and shapes. If there are not enough of them, you can search in a special catalog and buy any necessary element for $1. This website allows you to change the background, insert and edit your images, or use stock photos. It also has over a hundred fonts that can be adjusted to your preferences.


Powtoon is one of the best websites for making presentations. The editing process on the work panel looks the same as editing regular slides. But when you click the ‘Play’ button, you will see real magic. All the elements seem to come to life, and an ordinary slide show turns into an exciting video presentation. To get the maximum benefit from the service, we recommend using the paid version and creating videos longer than three minutes, downloading them in MP4 format, and removing watermarks.

It aims to revolutionize the process of creating captivating presentations. You should not be afraid to start working with the service, because, during the entire process, you will be accompanied by hints and recommendations. Your job is to focus on the content, while manages the aesthetics. In addition, the platform offers many ready-made templates, charts for data visualization, and an analytics function to track the slides that engage the audience the most.


Slidebean is a godsend for marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to achieve business goals through visualization. Slidebean offers solutions to meet the needs of creating content for presenting products, marketing ideas, or even reports. The service offers built-in analytics that tracks the activity of each slide and provides information about who viewed it, when, and how many times.

Office Sway

You can add not only photos and text but also videos and other media content to slides. The Sway designer combines all the materials. You only need to enter the final rules and choose the style. The project can be viewed on any screen. You can share a link to the presentation or enable sharing for editing. The Windows environment is great for working with the program. It is also available online.


Visme is a platform for creating animations, infographics, banners, forms, reports, and other visual content. What is good about the tool is that you can turn your illustrations and visual aids into slides. This way, it is easier to convey your ideas and thoughts. The site offers classified templates according to professions.

Zoho Show

It is a powerful tool for creating presentations from the cloud-based office suite Zoho Docs. It allows you to create visual content in a matter of minutes, add interactive elements, videos, images, animations, and transitions to it, then edit all these elements, and share or collaborate on them. What features are included in the Zoho Show? You can import and convert files, add images, videos, tweets, scale slides for precise adjustments, share tables, draw, etc.


So, experiment using different creative presentation websites. Find the catchiest one for you. Yet, do not forget the most essential thing – be confident!

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