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Pokémon GO Weather Week Event 2024: Complete Guide

Pokémon GO Weather Week Event 2024

As of now, the Pokémon Go Weather Week Event is happening through March 2024 (from March 14 to March 18), which brings the novel concept where players can explore Pokemon based on both weather and other extensive ranges of features. The features for the Weather Week event include exciting activities like Collection Challenges, Event Bonuses, Wild Spawns, Raids, and Field Research.

During this global event, trainers will also get the chance to collect more XP and expand their collection with a chance to encounter the shiny Castform. In this article, we will share some insights with you on the Pokémon Go Weather Week Event and everything that it brings for fans around the globe.

Overview of Pokémon Go Weather Week Event

The Pokémon Go Weather Week Event begans at March 14, 10:00 AM local time till March 18, 08:00 PM local time. During this period, players can participate in several events and features to experience in the game, including Wild Spawns and Raids. So trainers will be able to introduce more Pokémon to their Pokedex. You can hunt Pokémons from potential PvP battlers, participate in time-limited tasks, or find shiny versions of various Pokémons.

Pokémon GO Weather Week Event 2024

Pokemon Go Weather Week: Event Bonuses

Here are the bonuses and features that you can acquire during Pokémon’s Weather Week Event this March 2024.

  • Earn twice as much Stardust for catching a Pokémon.
  • Earn extra Stardust to catch Pokémon with a weather boost.
  • Get a chance to acquire Shiny Castform.
  • PokéStop showcases are available during the event.

Pokémon Go Weather Week: Wild Spawns


Pokémon Go Weather Week

The chances of encountering specific Pokémon during the weather week depend on the forecast in your area. Here, we have classified which Pokémon you will encounter based on the weather conditions.

  • Cloudy: Spritzee (chance of Shiny)
  • Fog: Gastly (chance of Shiny)
  • Partly Cloudy: Roggenrola (chance of Shiny)
  • Rainy: Castform Rainy and Lotad (chance of Shiny)
  • Snow: Snover and Castform Snowy (chance of Shiny)
  • Sunny: Castform Sunny and Cacnea (chance of Shiny)
  • Windy: Swablu (chance of Shiny)

In case you miss out on acquiring any of the above-mentioned Pokémons due to weather restrictions in your area, you can find a Pokémon Go account for sale on the U7BUY.

All Weather Pokémons

  • Amaura (chance of Shiny)
  • Drifloon (chance of Shiny)
  • Helioptile (chance of Shiny)
  • Paras (chance of Shiny)

You can also use Lickitung to spawn rarely during weather week events with chances of a shiny effect.

Pokémon Go Weather Week Raids

1-Start Raids

  • Amaura (chance of Shiny)
  • Gastly (chance of Shiny)
  • Hippopotas (chance of Shiny)
  • Poliwhirl

3-Start Raids

  • Charizard (chance of Shiny)
  • Drampa (chance of Shiny)
  • Lickitung (chance of Shiny)

5-Start Raids

  • Regice (chance of Shiny)

Mega Raid Appearance

  • Mega Tyranitar (chance of Shiny)

For additional activities during the Pokémon Go Weather Week Event, players will earn reward encounters with Castform, Amaura Drifloon, and Helioptile during Field Research Tasks. Upon completion of field research tasks, players will earn more Stardust and Incense. Don’t forget to make your stops at PokéStop Showcases to discover event-themed Pokémons. For more Pokemon go news or even to find Pokemon Go accounts for sale, visit U7BUY. You can find every thing you need to ensure you catch ’em all despite any weather restrictions!

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